My biggest highlights at Keiser were very emotional and inspiring. One of them was when I had an amazing trip with my finance classmates to a hotel near the beach. Another highlight was being able to meet people from all around the world and experience a wonderful learning journey with the most spectacular professors. Finally, Keiser allowed me to discover more about myself and others, further connecting with God, reinforcing my natural abilities, and acquiring new abilities to overcome present and future challenges.

Since the first time I stepped in at the Latin American Campus back in 2012 I knew this was the place where I wanted to get my bachelors from, it was a gut feeling I couldn’t ignore and I’m glad I didn’t. At the very beginning of my journey there was just an insane number of difficulties and challenges I had to go through, more than what I can count but if there something I learned at Keiser is to put on a good fight and NEVER give up. Education is not an event, not a graduation but a lifelong journey.

“El Posgrado en Gerencia y Liderazgo de Keiser University, ha sido una de mis más gratificantes experiencias educativa, mediante el cual logre adquirir conocimientos de alta calidad. Aun cuando al inicio tenía ciertas dudas sobre la modalidad virtual de este posgrado, una vez este dio inicio, me di cuenta que fue una de las mejores decisiones que pude tomar, dado que Keiser University con su excelente programa pedagógico y didáctico, nos permitió disfrutar cada momento de las clases e interactuar de manera contante entre compañeros y docentes.”

“My greatest achievement to this day after completing the postgraduate degree in Management and Leadership is having developed the ability to innovate, to share new ideas without fear of them being rejected. The fear of rejection for me was an obstacle in my growth, however, thanks to the postgraduate learning, I realized that rejection is just a setback that leads you to generate more ideas and develop more strength to move forward.”

“I chose Keiser University because is the best education in the area. At Keiser University, I learned to think outside the box. All my instructors taught me how to always come up with a solution for all the difficulties in life. I have been able to improve in my career path even though I graded in a Political Science Major. To my fellow Alumni and to current students I will encourage them to “Love and do what you want.”

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