Career Services

Career Services

Career Services and Alumni Relations Goals


To assist students in making an effective transition from University to the employment context, the Career Services Office focuses on the following specific goals:

  • To train and support students and graduates in career development and job search strategies.
  • To provide research materials about existing job markets.
  • To provide national and international businesses, industries, and governmental agencies with qualified, professional students and alumni who are competitive and able to carry out the global vision of Keiser University in the workplace.
  • Conduct on-campus recruitment activities to link students with employers and coordinate an annual Career Fair.

As a Keiser University student, you are eligible to take advantage of free registration to the online career center where you can create your personal job search profile, including your résumé, and view worldwide job openings only accessible to KU students and alumni from the Latin American Campus. You can submit your approved résumé directly to employers and job openings. You will also be able to track employers who have reviewed your résumé so that you can follow up and stay active in your job search.

To request support with your professional development, please contact us. 2535 2314 ext 205 

Career Services and Internship Opportunities

Job Opportunities

If you would like to receive weekly job opportunities please contact It will support you in finding jobs or staying informed of new opportunities.

Gain work experience before graduating

Students all have their educational experience in common. What stands out to employers is those students who ALSO have work experiences by the time they graduate. This automatically makes them more marketable; as they may require less training and are assumed to be able to handle more responsibilities. In addition to the specialized skills of your field, transferable skills are generally required at any job, e.g. communication/interpersonal skills, computer proficiency, and teamwork.

Most students enter college with an idea of a major or career path and end up changing their minds. Exploring is an essential part of the academic process, and gaining work experience is a great way for students to acquaint themselves with a field they are looking to learn about. By the time of graduation, the students have confidence that the degrees they are receiving are the right ones for them.

Many people learn best by being hands-on. But everyone can benefit from seeing what they have been learning in class put to action, whether it’s in a chemistry research lab, a marketing development meeting, or a substance abuse counseling session.

It’s all about whom you know. As a student intern, you are surrounded by industry professionals that you seek access to. It’s more than just about getting a grade, earning credit, or making money. This is an opportunity to learn from everyone around you, ask questions, and impress them with eagerness. These people can be your future colleagues or the connection to your first job

Learn your strengths and weaknesses by creating learning objectives and receiving feedback from your supervisor. It is a unique learning opportunity you may never have again as a working adult. Embrace the mistakes that you will make and the many things you don’t know. Ask questions, observe, and take risks.

Practice makes perfect. If you have learned about a specific technique in the classroom, you can test it out in the world of work. Then you’ll be much more equipped with the method

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