If You Want to Be a Part of Changing the Future, Become a Software Engineer

As we incorporate electronic devices into our daily lives, we see the trend towards software-enabled products becoming a major part of our basic activities. When driving a car, using a self-checkout machine at a grocery store, withdrawing money from an ATM, or enjoying the apps on a smartphone, we are using software that was designed, built, and tested by a software engineering team.

Just as an architect or a civil engineer gathers customer requirements and transforms them into a blueprint for a building or a bridge, similarly a software engineer transforms requirements into use case diagrams, class diagrams, and state diagrams. And just as these architects and engineers influence how the buildings and bridges meet the user requirements for years to come, so you too can do this for apps as a software engineer.

The software engineering degree program at Keiser University prepares students to develop industry-standard software for desktop, web, mobile, and cloud applications. By following the engineering phases of requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing, students learn problem-solving skills and the object-oriented design methodology to create computer systems and applications that solve real-world problems.

Even the simplest of software applications benefit from the influence of a software engineer to ensure that the software is created using sound engineering principles, peer reviews, and robust testing techniques. With a quality focus as the foundation, software engineers apply processes, methods, and tools to ensure that the quality occurs.

A career as a software engineer will give you the opportunity to affect the lives of many people for years to come. The next time that you use an app on your smartphone, consider the software engineering team that maintains that software to make sure it meets your needs and performs quickly and accurately. There is no magic to how that software works. Instead, it is the education and experience of the software engineers that make it possible.


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