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Director´s Welcome

Welcome to Keiser University’s International Language Institute!

Our vision is to be the leading provider of cutting edge continuous education services. The combination of traditional and innovative high-quality programs and the use of top-notch technology and resources in all of our services and products enable us to meet high customer satisfaction and effectively respond to local and international demand.

To achieve this goal, we have an outstanding group of professionals committed to providing you with excellent service based on the best teaching practices. As a language teaching organization, we are devoted to providing you with a set of academic options that will contribute to your personal growth and professional development.

Thanks for selecting Keiser University International Language Institute as your language education provider.

Ruffo Torres
Keiser University International Language Institute


The Keiser University International Language Institute aims to be a premier Continuous Education Center for a diverse student body providing educational programs in traditional, non-traditional and online delivery formats. In addition, we want to foster the advancement of human culture, the formation of men and women in the intellectual, professional and moral virtues by providing students with the opportunities to cultivate knowledge, understanding and the necessary skills for their professional and personal development and success through quality teaching.

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