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Welcome to Keiser University LAC!

Congratulations for taking the KU Challenge. You are about to embark on an exciting educational journey, one that will bring invaluable learning opportunities. Beyond all the new insights and friendships you will strike up during your time with us, most importantly is the fact that you will be laying the foundation stone for your personal and career development.

At Keiser our students come first: we are all for giving the best educational experience that we can provide. The mission of our university is to train and educate the upcoming leaders of the region.


We have the best faculty in Central America. At Keiser all of our professors teaching at undergraduate level have earned PhDs and masters degrees. They come from very prestigious universities all over the world and have a vast professional and teaching experience.

The fact that we are an American University in Latin America makes us special. We can provide quality education in different fields both in English and in Spanish, the two major business languages. What is more, we are SACS accredited and we count with over one hundred majors at all levels: graduate, postgraduate, masters, PhDs, certificates and associate degrees.

We are here to unwind your wings for you to fly high and stand out.  

Douglas Arróliga
Dean of Academics

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